Since many years, researchers, Data Scientists etc… are trying to build machines that can make human life easy. During past years, many machines have been made that has made the life easy for human being. Today we all are surrounded by such machines. And we should really thank researchers, Data Scientists etc… who have build these machines to make our lives easy.

Now everyday we see new feature added to such machine making our life easy more and more. Continuing to make life more easy, researchers, Data Scientists are trying to build machines that can not only to a specific or defined set of task, but can also think, react and even take correct decisions with great precision.

Programming machine to do specific task or defined set of task, is nowadays not a big deal and can be surely achieved with acceptable amount of precision. But the problem with such machine comes in when these machines comes across a scenerio while doing a pre-defined task for which programmer actually missed to code for scenerio as it was very rare. But this not necessarily does not mean that programmer was not good in programming. As everything has a limitations, we human beings too have a limitations to think of all possible scenerio for all the problems that can happen. So to my knowledge, there is no human programmer that can think and program all possible combinations of scenerio for all the problems. So now researchers and Data Scientists realized this and accepted this fact and as a solution decided to build machines, that have a Brain. So that they can learn from their mistakes and correct themselves by their own.

So working on this solution, researchers and Data Scientists have created machines that can think and make decesions on their own.You may find such machines available in the market today at afforable prices. These machines today are not just build to do specific task, but are also used for entertainment. Cozmo, a cute little machine is one of such example availble in the market today.

As Machine learning plays an very important role in Data Science for the projects where we need to predict something based on existing pattern or information from the available data. I completed a course in Machine learning from Stanford University. During my professional carrier as a Data Scientist, I have done following projects that were more specific to machine learning:



Data Source

ML Algorithms

Clustering & Retrieval

Optimization Algorithms

Machine Learning Model Validation Techniques

Evaluation Matrix





Cloud Services

Cloud Platforms

Version Control System

Some Major Projects Worked On

  • Branding and promotional offerings for MultiSpeciality Hospital Group
  • Optimizing multilocation, multispecialty Hospital Group performance through actionable insights
  • Analysis and Optimization of Retail Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Vehicle Monitoring & Real-time Alerting System
  • Network Operation Center(NOC) Automation
  • Online Store Hosting Service
  • Hotel Management System
  • HRMS Management System