Installing Python

Installing Python

Let’s begin with installing Python3. If you using windows machine, simply go to, and click on the “Download Python 3.x.x” button to get the downloading start. Once you have downloaded the Python3. Simply run the file(by double clicking on file) and simply click next button for each screen and at the end click “Finish” button.

Installing Python on ubuntu machine just requires you to open the console pressing CTRL+ALT+T on your keyboard and fire up the following command and follow the instructions on the screen:

sudo apt-get install Python3

If everything goes well and Python gets installed, if you type:

Python3 –version

you should get an output showing you the Python version installed.

If you get an error when firing above command, that means soemthing went wrong or Python path is not set correct.

You may search in Google and may also follow steps to install Python if you face any difficulty or you may even comment here asking for help and I will surely get your Python running.

So…. Enough of talk, setup and installation. Let’s jump into starting to learn Python3 now.

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