During my Professional carrier as a Full Stack Developer, I decided to jump into the Data Science after I saw it’s potential to reveal such useful information that NO technology does so precisely and accurately.

To build my skills in this domain, I decided to get certified in this domain and did a Specialisation Course in Data Science and got certified after going through a massive training.This course included:

Besides this, I also did some more skill building doing courses in:

Stanford University LogoMachine Learning Certification

From Stanford University

Microsoft Logo R Programming Certification

 From Microsoft

John Hopkins University Logo
 Mastering Software Development in R

 From JHU

UC San Diego university Logo

 Big Data Specialization

From UC San Diego university

My Major Skills as a Data Scientist


Data Source


ETL Process

ML Algorithms

Clustering & Retrieval

Optimization Algorithms

Machine Learning Model Validation Techniques

Evaluation Matrix




Web Frameworks



Cloud Services

Cloud Platforms

Version Control System

Some Major Projects Worked On

During my professional journey as a Data Scientist, I did following major projects:

  • Help Building Branding and promotional offerings for Multi-Speciality Hospital Group
  • Sentiment Analysis from social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Optimizing multi-location, multi-specialty Hospital Group performance through actionable insights
  • Analysis and Optimization of Retail Operations and Supply Chain Management