Python3: Local And Global Variables

When we talk about local and global variables to someone, they sometimes seems bit confused. I even see developers scratching their head when they are hit by a problem in a code due to local [...]

AWS Lambda

It a serverless computing. It a next generation cloud computing that would replace EC2 instances in future. Free-tier is available for Lamda in limted fashion. Charges for using Lambda depends on: Requests (to execute code) [...]

AWS Route 53

It’s a place where you manage and configure web domain for websites or applications you host on AWS. It allows you to: Register domain names Manage Domain Name Service (DNS) Health Check Free-tier is NOT [...]

AWS Auto Scaling

It automates the process of adding (Scaling up) or removing (Scaling down) EC2 instances based on traffic demand of your application. It has mainly two components: Launch Configuration Auto Scaling Group Using Auto scaling is [...]

AWS Classic Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

It evenly distributes traffic between EC2 instances that are associated with it. It can detect unhealthy instances and route traffic to healthy instances. Free-tier use is NOT available for ELB. The cost depends on: You [...]

AWS CloudWatch

It’s a service that allows you to monitor various elements of your AWS account. Free-Tier use available for CloudWatch service In CloudWatch, you get charged for: Per Dashboard Detailed Monitoring for Amazon EC2 instances Amazon [...]

AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)

It’s an AWS service that allows you to automate the sending or email or text message notifications based on the events that happen on your AWS account. It has mainly three components: Topics: It’s a [...]

AWS Databases

In the world of databases, there are mainly two categories: Relational Databases know as “SQL” Non Relational Databases know as “NoSQL” Amazon offers both: RDS for SQL databases It's a SQL database service which provides [...]
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